Mini Restaurant Review – Taco Truck Berlin

What with my intolerance to gluten, I avoided tacos for a long time, rather ill-inform-idly believing that, they be white so they must be containing the wheat.  And, as it turns out, mostly this is correct.  Many places here secretly use wheat flour to fill out their masa harina supplies.  Despicable.

So, I was quite happy when I saw foodieinberlins review of a little truck that travels around Berlin making tasty tacos, so I got in contact with them and they assured me that their tacos are quite authentic and contain only corn based flour! Excellent news.

Tracking them down is pretty easy, they usually post up where they are on both their website and on twitter.  This time, I caught up with them at the Freie internationale Tankstelle.

Don’t ask me why there are pretzels on the side of the van.

I got there pretty early so everything was still available so promptly ordered the full taco meal.

Everything was quite delicious indeed.

For those more sensitive to Gluten, their kitchen is not 100% gluten free as they make some of their other food out of wheat flour.

Tacos Berlin

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