Restaurant Review – Crepes Culture

So far in the journey that is this blog, I’ve been enjoying the few times I’ve escaped from my own gluten-less cooking.  Venturing out into the big wide world and being pleasantly surprised at just how tasty some of the glutenfrei offerings have been.  Alas, this is not one of them.

I walked into Crepes Culture on a somewhat dreary rainy afternoon in high hopes for another Manouche crepe taste experience.  What I was greeted with was a rather odd combination of a place.  The website makes it look like they’re overflowing with gorgeous looking tasty crepes, all lovingly prepared by a master chef (ok, I may be exaggerating a teeny bit here).  But when you enter, it shockingly appears to be more of a chain coffee shop aspiring to be kind of a bar.  There are a couple of tables on one side of the room, but arranged in such a manner that there appears to be too much empty space.  Combine this with a very quiet and odd atmosphere (picture sitting in the corner of somebody elses living room uninvited, trying to be quiet so as you don’t disturb them) and my expectations were already lowering.

But, they’re selection of Galettes seemed to be pretty good, so I inquired if they were all definitely Glutenfrei as the website suggests.  I was met with a blank expression followed by the waitress having no idea whether they were or not, and at a guess, most likely to not having an idea what gluten even is.  When asking whether they have any wheat in them, I was told that they’re made from Buckwheat, so they shouldn’t.  Not the biggest confidence builder in the world, but I ordered anyway and was presented with this.

If I’m looking on the bright side, it didn’t taste bad.  It didn’t really taste of anything though.  It was just bland, a bit too chewy with some slightly dry old rocket leaves thrown on the side.

In conclusion, if you’re desperate, you can technically eat there, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

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5 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Crepes Culture

  1. Do you know of any bars/cafés in Berlin that serve gluten-free beer? And shops that sell it (or gluten-free beer apart from Lammsbräu)?

  2. I am a great fan of Gallettes myself since they are naturally gluten-free. Sad to say, the practice of “pumping them up” with wheat flower is now common even in Brittanny an Normandy. Never understood why since it is NOT MEANT to be a pancake … Authentic Gallettes (100% buckwheat) are served at Le Bretagne, Marheineke Markthalle: thin, dark-brown and crisp! This is stand-up buffet of course, and lacks the atmosphere of Manouche’s place, but a fine quick lunch while shopping around Bergmannstrasse. Thanks for your very interesting pages!

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