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**UPDATE June 2011 – I’ve had a few reports that the staff are now saying that the crepes are only 80% buckwheat and 20% wheat flour!  I was told they were completely Gluten free on my visit, so for the moment I would not recommend you visit here. **

A few weeks ago, I decided to travel to Creperie Manouche in Kreuzberg with the intention of trying their Buckwheat pancakes.  What I did not do, was check their opening times.   Silly, I know, but thinking that a cafe type place would be open at 1 in the afternoon on a weekday seemed fairly sensible, so off I went.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – They currently only open at 16.30 on a weekday and 14.00 on the weekend!!

Maybe this will change now that we’re getting into summer, if you’ve noticed this, please let me know so I can update the review.

Anyway, thats the clerical waffle out of the way.  Now the important stuff, food.

There is a pretty good selection and all their Crepes are thankfully made with only buckwheat flour.  They are ridiculously delicious, just crispy enough and the interior, cheese and ham in this case, is perfectly seasoned with not too much ham nor too much cheese.  A perfect balance of gluten-less goodness.  Factor in that this cost €3.90 and life is very good indeed (at least in the stuffing one’s face with crepes area).

If you’ve not yet visited, go, and go soon.  If you’re coming to visit Berlin, definitely put this on your list of places to visit.  (ps. don’t let their horrific MySpace website put you off)

Creperie Manouche
Grimmstrasse 23
10967 Berlin
GoogleMap Link

4 thoughts on “Cafe Review – Creperie Manouche

  1. Hi! We visited this creperie in April 2011. I said I had heard that their pancakes were glutenfree, and wanted to try it out. But it turned out they weren’t, the waiter said they had “nur ein bisschen” wheat flour in them ( about 5 per cent), but that iss too much for me, so we left.

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