Product Review – Landkrone Soja Spaghetti

As regular readers will know, I have a passion for anything that isn’t corn or rice based in the gluten replacement market with Soja being a particular favourite.  So it was with a little whoop for joy that I found these nestling in an otherwise bland shop.

Now, you’d think from my protestations of joy that they would be the ultimate in the world of gluten-less spaghetti.  Well, I think this depends on your point of view.  You see they’re less like ‘normal’ wheat based spaghetti than their corn based counterparts, but they are significantly nicer, they have flavour AND they have texture, they just look less like Spaghetti.

In conclusion, buy them!

Availability :
viv BioFrischeMarkt
Schönhauser Allee 10-11
10119 Berlin
030 44039932

2 thoughts on “Product Review – Landkrone Soja Spaghetti

  1. Was wondering if you knew of anywhere where you can buy Orgran products in Berlin? They have a great range of gluten-free products and I particularly like their quinoa pasta.

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