Product Review – Bauckhof Brotbackmischung

There are a few things that irritate me in this world, mostly its things that are out of my control but some are, unfortunately, my own fault.  One of these many irritations is the fact that I am unable to bake.  I’ve been trying for years and years, anything from a simple cookie, fresh bread, cupcakes to my own pizza dough.  All with bland, tasteless or weirdly textured results.

This on its own, is not such a huge problem, there are plenty of places to buy pre-made baked goodies.  It is a huge problem though, when you find out that you’re one of the Gluten afflicted (plus live in a country where such things are not so well known).  So, for the past few years I’ve struggled, experimented and never really got anywhere.

Which leads me to this product, Bauckhof’s bread-in-a-box.  Usually I’m loathe to use pre-packaged anything, its generally of inferior quality with an aim on ease of use rather than taste.  Which, this is.  Baking is easy enough, you start by ripping off a bit of triangular cardboard, giving you this.

Pop it open, pour in some water, close it up and jiggle it about.  Then place it in the oven and wait.  Simple enough.

And, hopefully, you’ll end up with something like this.

Now, you’re asking, well, how was it?  Did it taste like fresh bread?  Was it a million times better than the pre-made bread that you can buy here?  In short, no (I’m puzzled as to why Ohne Hefe is such a big deal here, yeast is a huge part of bread in my mind).  It was about the same as any type of bread you can buy here, gluten free or not.  Bland, a little tasteless and seemingly made of rock (which, to be fair, is the style of bread here).

In conclusion, is it worth buying?  No.  If you can’t bake and you can’t find any pre-made glutenfrei bread (ie. the Schnitzer stuff is a gazillion times better) then maybe you should buy this if you’re desperate.

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