Cafe Review – Goodies

Is it just me or was Catering an afterthought?

Ahh, my second favourite coffee in Berlin (nothing has yet to beat Cafe Bonanza Coffee Heroes) and my favourite of the flavoured coffee variety.  Their selection is nice and different, Creme Brulee Latte’s and Peanut Chocolate Latte’s to just name two.

The gluten free food is, as one would expect here, lacking.  They’re selection is mostly sandwiches :

With some salads, although mostly of the Pasta/Cous Cous variety.  They usually do have a couple without these glutenous intruders, but don’t count on it.

The cafe itself is quite nice with a little seating area out the back and plenty of seats out the front in summer.  It is, annoyingly though, quite popular so on the weekend you may be hard pressed to find yourself a seat inside.

In conclusion, as with most of the cafe reviews here in Berlin, eat before you go unless you want a salad or take your own bread with which to enjoy some soup.  But definitely go for the coffee, it’s quite freaking yum indeed.
Warschauerstr. 69
10243 Berlin
0151 53763801

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