Cafe Review – Cupcake Berlin

**UPDATE** It seems I was misinformed of the lack of fresh gluten free cupcakes here!  They are, as I’d heard, available for ordering.

I had so many high hopes for Cupcake Berlin, its a little coffee shop/bakery in Friedrichshain which specialises in (if you hadn’t guessed yet) cupcakes.  The first reason for these hopes is that my absolute favourite gluten free treat, from my recent visit to New York, is teeny gluten-less cupcakes with copious amounts of icing popped on top.  The second reason is that I had heard on the grapevine that there was a place in Berlin which offered said gluten-less cupcakes!  Blissful!  you would think.

So off I trundled to check the place out on a snowy December afternoon.  The place is, as mentioned, rather teeny.  Just two lines of tables on each side of the doorway, sitting around 16.  Oddly, or correctly depending on your foodie point of view, the kitchen itself seems to be a bit larger than the seating area.

I queued up, perusing the cabinet incase they had glutenfrei goodies on offer at all times.

Alas, no.  But then, this is Berlin so I was expecting a pre-order requirement, which isn’t a problem really.

Fortunately the girl at the counter spoke English (my German is lacking and usually the word glutenfrei means little to most) and I enquired about ordering gluten free cupcakes.  Then to my surprise she said they had some in the back to which they could add icing to and it would be ready immediately!!

She disappeared off to the back of kitchen whilst i slowly pulled my jaw up off the ground.  Unfortunately, what she emerged with quenched my excitement rather quickly.  Two boxes, of these :

Disappointed, I declined and enquired about ordering freshly made glutenfrei cupcakes and was told that it is not possible.

In conclusion.  If you want to take a gluten-able person to a very yummy (at least from the smells and looks) cupcake bakery and whilst there enjoy a schar cake with (probably very yummy) icing on top, then this is the place.  If you want freshly made gluten-less cupcakes, it is not.

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2 thoughts on “Cafe Review – Cupcake Berlin

  1. Hello… I am the owner and baker at Cupcake Berlin, and I make damn good gluten free cupcakes from scratch. Obviously they need to be pre-ordered because the gluten free ones taste a little different (and dry out much quicker) than the normal ones… We offer the ready made ones for people who just walk in and want something. I’m really sorry you were misinformed about our cupcakes… I know you would have been pleased! In fact, my partner is gluten free so I have lotsa of practice baking brownies, cupcakes, pies, cheesecakes and banana bread gluten free. Just wanted to let your readers kniw that we DO offer gluten free items with pre-ordering…

  2. But do you have a gluten free kitchen? Are your cupcakes made or any of the utensils come into contact with ANYTHING (bowls, spoons, mixers, etc.) that have ever been used with wheat flour or anything that contains gluten.

    Simply using gluten free products to produce something DOES NOT mean it is GF – it MUST be baked/made in a contamination free environment!

    It would be GREAT to hear that you have this, but I am very doubtful, especially if you are baking them on site!

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