Cafe Review – Cafe Hilde

*** Update March 2012 – It looks like their gluten free offerings are a little more limited these days and that not all of their staff are aware of gluten, so I would check before traveling here to eat.  ***

Easily my favourite Pberg cafe, its relaxed, has comfy seats (a must in my mind), good coffee and free wifi (plus many power points). Gluten-less wise, they do have plenty of options for both breakfast and an evening meal.

Mostly the breakfasts do, alas, come with bread, but they’re quite happy with you taking in your own gluten free variety (they have one regular who keeps a stock of it in their kitchen).  Otherwise, there are soups and baked potatoes with various fillings.  The owners are quite aware of people desiring Gluten-less food (plus they speak perfect English for those lacking of deutsch) so you don’t have to worry about being served something with normal flour in when asking for wheat free (the amount of times this happens here still surprises me, all I can assume is that they think magical white dust fairies make the stuff).

As mentioned their coffee is most good and they usually have a seasonal drink or two on offer (pumpkin Chai Latte and cinamon hot chocolate have been the two most recent).  Well worth a visit for coffee and delicious food.

They also have many events on each week, check out the listing on their website.

Click the banner below to see all the details of this cafe on our sister site, Allergy Explorer.
Allergy Explorer - Gluten Free food and restaurant listings in Germany

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