Cafe Review – An einem Sonntag im August

Another Pberg cafe, again with WiFi but seemingly only one power point for the whole place.  The Cafe Mocca they do here is easily one of the best in the city (ok, so I do have a little bit of a thing for copious amounts of chocolate covered whipped cream)

The atmosphere is always a little more on the interesting side (especially if the resident slightly odd old guy is there, he tends to move around the cafe, sitting on his own, giggling and spouting randomness.  Fun and completely harmless.) they have themselves a rather (too) large smoking room

and some fetching Golden curtains

Food wise, its a bit of a let down for the gluten-less, its mostly pasta and sandwich based. Although they do have some soups (and a menu written on the toilet door) :

In conclusion, go to drink the mocca and enjoy the (lewd) drawings on the ceiling.


Kastanienallee 103
10435 Berlin, Germany
030 44312391

Google Link



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