Cafe Review – Manolo

One of my favourite coffee shops, located on the corner of the U2 stop Eberswalder Str, is lacking in quite a few things but somehow manages to entice me back there again and again.  For one, there is very little in the way of Gluten Free here, infact, next to nothing.  The coffee is pretty good, but not absolutely amazing.  I think its the combination of the faux 1950’s americana-ness of it, mixed with the joys of people watching out of the windows.  (plus, getting a tea there is great, the little bowl of rocks that they serve for sugar makes it).

There’s no Wifi, but comfy seats.  The whole place is a conundrum.

But, to the facts, their food selection is as follows

So, basically, you’ve got a fruit salad and thats it (most of the yoghurts have musli in them and the other salads are all pasta based).

In conclusion, its worth going for the coffee and atmosphere but eat before you go.

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