Glutenfrei Review – Schnitzer Bergkäse Snacks

Now, despite the giant yellow block that you can see emblasened on the front of the packaging, these little snack rectangles have very little to do with any cheesy substance.

All this doesn’t mean that they are particularly bad.  Infact I quite like them.  Just don’t be fooled into any kind of cheese experience.  What they are, though, is a very crunchy (think chewing on mildly crumbly concrete) and tasty snack.  They don’t have the crumbliness of most biscuit based snacks and as a result are a good approximation of eating gluten filled crackers that have been overbaked.  Tasty indeed.

Ingredients arn’t too bad really (the little * next to 8% Cheese means “Imaginary”).  Although cream of tartar baking powder just sounds wrong.

Cost : €2.49
Rating : 5 out of 10
Available from :
  • Vitalia Reformhaus

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