Glutenfrei Review – Schär Ciabatta Rustica

To start off these reviews, I thought I’d choose my favourite of the pre-packaged breads.  The Schär Ciabatta Rustica.  Perhaps even the best of the gluten free mass produced breads there is (well, at least here in Germany).  This is down to two simple facts :

  1. Its soft, ie. not brick like.
  2. It doesn’t crumble into nothingness inside your mouth, ie. isn’t made of sand.

They could be a little on the larger side, but for a small sandwich or burger, they are perfect (even if this picture does make it look like a meteor that fell from the skies).

Ingredient wise, they’re a little on the long side but mainly made from corn and rice flour.

Cost : €2.49 for 4 (200g)
Rating : 8 out of 10

Available from :

  • Vitalia Reformhaus

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