Glutenfrei Review – Hammer Mühle Paniermehl

I bought this little bag of crumbs on a whim, I’m usually cooking with soja flakes/mince when needed.  But thought I’d give this a try as burgers tended to be a little on the dry side with the soja.  The first thing that strikes you is the complete lack of smell when opening the bag.  Although upon dipping my finger in and having a little sample, I was a little releaved as it does taste of gone off biscuits/bread.

Now, yes, it does look more like space dust than breadcrumbs.  But they do work, more to do with the flavour they add than any moisture absorption.  Whether they do better at being an outer coating is to be found out.

Ingredient wise, theres not a whole lot there which I guess is good.  Mostly corn flour.

Cost : €2.29 for 250g
Rating : 6 out of 10

Available from :

  • Vitalia Reformhaus

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