Gluten Mapping

As you can see from the top links, I’m building up a custom google map of glutenfrei places in Berlin.  For the time being these will be split into shops, restaurants and cafe’s with a little detail on each and when a review is completed, a link.

For the cafe’s, the idea is that I’ll only be reviewing the good cafe’s and giving a listing of what is available for the gluten-less.  As in, these are the places you should visit and now you’ll know just what it is you can have to snack there.


2 thoughts on “Gluten Mapping

  1. Great to find you & good luck with the project! I’ve just discovered Kiepert & Kutzner (Schönhauser Allee 65 ) carry quinoa flour, just in case that’s interesting for you. And the Japanese restaurant Sasaya (Lychener Str. 50) is a gluten-free paradise. Will look forward to seeing your other discoveries…

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