A Guide for a Gluten-less life in Berlin

After living in Berlin for a couple of years and suffering the almost complete lack of awareness to the glutenfrei condition, I went on holiday to New York for a week of gluten free goodness (amongst other things, but this was the main enjoyable part).  This experience did a couple of things to my psychie, it 1) made me realise that it is infact possible to have a fun, tasty glutenfrei life with the ability to eat out, not having to constantly scan menu’s in a language I’m not too familiar with. and 2) it fueled my desire to seek out a similar experience here in my beloved city of Berlin.

So, step one on this path to a Deutsche glutenfrei nirvana is to create this blog (well, after spending a couple of weeks trying to recreate the gluten free pizzas I had in NYC, with moderate success).  The idea being that I’m going to seek out and review the places that at least have a little knowledge and support for the Gluten-less, along with tips on where to buy the best cooking supplies, plus some useful resources that have been of help.

These two pictures sum up my goal, if I can find something as yummy as these glutenfrei lovlies, one shall be happy.


2 thoughts on “A Guide for a Gluten-less life in Berlin

  1. Hi ! im from Ireland and next week myself and my family are spending a week in Berlin. My mother and I are coeliac and we are staying in the Bristol Kempinski Hotel. We are both (especially my mother!) very sensitive to gluten (and have had a very bad experience last year on holidays in Barcelona !) so we would love to know some good restaurants in the area where we could get nice meals (including breakfast) without them making us sick ! Have you any suggestions ?
    Look forward to hearing from you ,

  2. Fantastic!
    Thanks a lot, this was really helpful.
    I just learned that my son is gluten allergic, and I was a little worried about our yearly trip to Berlin this year (especially since we are also bringing a friend of his – both 9Y), but thanks to you, I can see there will be no problem finding restaurants that might make both of the young men happy.

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